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Re: compatibility of bsd and gpl

Matthew Wala wrote:

> The new BSD
(meaning, without the forced-advertising clause)

> and GPL licenses are considered compatible,  but how are the 
> requirements of the BSD license satisfied when BSD licensed code is
> included in GPL projects (eg, the Linux kernel)?

(1) Include the copyright notice, BSD license text, and disclaimer.
(2) Don't use the specified names to endorse or promote products.

> Is clause 3 of the BSD license ("The name of the author...")
> GPL-compatible?

So the question is, is that clause an additional restriction, prohibited by 
the GPL?  Good question.  Traditionally it's considered not to be.

Probably because it falls in the "You already can't do that" category --
it's a stupid and redundant clause prohibiting something which is illegal
everywhere.  Prohibiting something which is already prohibited is not *in
practice* a restriction, I guess.

I recommend avoiding that clause for new works -- heard of the "two-clause
BSD license"?  You have to be careful with that sort of clause because
sometimes it turns out that the prohibited practice is not prohibited
everywhere, and then it really is a restriction for that jurisdiction.

Nathanael Nerode  <neroden@fastmail.fm>

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