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Re: compatibility of bsd and gpl

Matthew Wala wrote:
> The new BSD and GPL licenses are considered compatible,  but how are the
> requirements of the BSD license satisfied when BSD licensed code is included
> in GPL projects (eg, the Linux kernel)?

Keep the copyright notices on all BSD source code and keep the
BSD license text and warranty disclaimer in its original location
in the source code. That's it.

> Is clause 3 of the BSD license ("The name of the author...") GPL-compatible?

Yes, because GPL article 1 has a corresponding requirement.
So there is no conflict in licensing terms, and therefore
you can release the whole under the GPLv2 license terms.

Note that, strictly speaking, you are not relicensing the
BSD code under GPL terms. You still need to obey the BSD
license terms for that code. And people can copy&paste
that code out of your project and reuse it elsewhere under
the original (BSD) terms.


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