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OSSAL/CC license of xMule parts


I'm currently preparing an updated xMule package and found a statement,
which sounds a bit problematic. But I'm not a lawyer, so I ask you. E.g.
xLibs/DynPrefs/DynamicPreferences.cpp states:

// This file is dually licensed under the terms of the following licenses:
// * Primary License: OSSAL - Open Source Software Alliance License
//   * See the included License.OSSAL for complete details.
//   * Key points:
//       5.Redistributions of source code in any non-textual form (i.e.
//          binary or object form, etc.) must not be linked to software that is
//          released with a license that requires disclosure of source code
//          (ex: the GPL).
//       6.Redistributions of source code must be licensed under more than one
//          license and must not have the terms of the OSSAL removed.
// * Secondary License: Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs License v1.0
//   * See the included License.CCANDL for complete details.
//   * Key Points:
//       * You are free:
//           * to copy, distribute, display, and perform the work
//           * to make non-commercial use of the work in its original form
//       * Under the following conditions:
//           * Attribution.You must give the original author credit.
//           * No Derivative Works.You may not alter, transform, or build upon
//             this work.
// * Special exceptions:
//   I, Theodore R.Smith, hereby grant, as the sole author of this library,
//   exclusive permission to the xMule Project to distribute and link to this
//   library, specifically voiding clause 5 of the OSSAL for the xMule Project.
//   As a further exclusive permission, when linked to the xMule Project,
//   the terms of the GPL concerning binary distribution must be observed.
// For more information on legality, see README.txt.

I'm not sure of any of these licenses is DFSG-free. AFAIK the CC
licenses are considered non-free and I'm concerned about the OSSAL too
(that forbids linking against GPLed libraries). And the exceptions don't
seem to allow Debian to link against GPLed libraries.

Can you clarify the situation?

Regards, Daniel

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