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Re: Bug#389464: gnome-themes-extras: non-free Firefox icon included

Le jeudi 28 septembre 2006 à 15:02 +0200, Mike Hommey a écrit :
> > I think I agree with that.  It's not subject to the firefox copyright,
> > as far as I know, and it's an honest use of the trademark.  If the
> > icon is modified to refer to something else, then any bug may be
> > caused by the trademark, rather than the icon's copyright licence
> > terminating, which is the most common trademark/licensing bug.
> Now the remaining question is: has this logo *really* been done from
> scratch ? Because there is an almost official svg version of the logo
> done with adobe illustrator, which is not under a free license, and if
> the logo in gnome-themes-extra appears to be based on this logo, and
> saved with sodipodi, there is a problem.

Where can I download it? I'll check if it is the same.
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