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Re: Hypocrisy of Debian (was: Sorry, no more RC bugs for non-free data in main ...)

On 9/5/06, Andreas Barth <aba@not.so.argh.org> wrote:
* Markus Laire (malaire@gmail.com) [060830 15:01]:
> This problem was mentioned in this list on _2004_ but cdrtools still
> hasn't been removed from Debian (see [2]). IMHO "hypocrisy" is perfect
> word to describe such behaviour.

"This list" isn't the place where everybody needs to jump if someone
sends a mail. If you want to make sure this issue is taken up, please
file an RC bug (what happened in the meantime), if it is an release
critical issue.

I would prefer to not continue with this, but I need to reply.

I've already mentioned in a previous mail, but I would want to present
my apologies again for the strong, abrasive, and maybe offending parts
of my responses.

But there is something I do not understand. Why "this list" is not the
place to put disagreements on the way legal issues are handled? I'm
sorry for the strong way of saying things I've used on some of my
mails. But, except the offensive wording which was a mistake for my
part, I think I should be allowed to disagree, and to publicly expose
my point of view, even when my point of view is negative.

If this list is not the place, where is it? debian-private?

As somebody filed an RC-bug against cdrtools for this reason, we knew
that we have to fix that prior to release of etch.

I prefer to not enter in the cdrtools issue, because I know almost
nothing about this bug. In fact, I was not aware of this license
incompatibility until now.

My claims are for the bugs that are downgraded, silently ignored or
allowed into the stable release because of several exceptions that I
do not see. And that is what I would want to say.

So, if you think something is an important issue, *you* need to make
sure it is actually mentioned in the right places. And please don't cry
because people are not jumping to conclusions, but take the proper time
to create a proper solution.

That is exactly I was trying to perform, searching for license
problems, reporting them, and also trying to help to solve them
whenever possible. I think that we all agree with this. The problem
starts when we disagree on how much important a particular issue is,
and a serious problem for myself is not serious for others.

Every person has a different point of view, this is perfectly normal.
But I think we have an important difference between Debian claims and
reality, and I would prefer to have less beautiful claims more close
to reality than ideal claims too far from reality.

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