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Re: Reusing GPL code without applying GPL legal in Europe?

On Friday 01 September 2006 14:43, Sebastian Wangnick wrote:
> Dear folks,
> in http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=377109, Mr. Schilling
> claims the following:
> 	In Europe, we have the "Recht auf das wissenschaftliche Kleinzitat"
> 	that allows us to cite other works without asking in case that the
> 	quoted text (or images) is not too big compared to the own "intellectual
> 	creation level".
> 	As USA/Europe have a mutual acceptance of the US-Copyright vs.
> Urheberrecht, this is even legal if the cited author is US citizen.

Could you please describe in english the german term `Urheberrecht' and how it 
differs from the `Copyright' ? 

> 	So the "Recht auf das wissenschaftliche Kleinzitat" allows a European
> author to "quote" small portions of e.g. GPL code without asking the author
> for permissions. The European "Urheberrecht" on the other side forbids a
> minor contributor to govern the license for the project that makes use of
> the "Recht auf das wissenschaftliche Kleinzitat".

Same goes for `Recht auf das wissenschaftliche Kleinzitat'

> I'm not sure whether his conclusion is complete. According to
> http://www.sakowski.de/skripte/urheber2.html, citing is not allowed to
> replace (only to illustrate or backup) own statements of the author. I
> would therefore presume that whilst "quoting" GPL code, e.g., in a comment,
> to illustrate ones own approach might be OK, using GPL code as a mandatory
> element in the software would not be OK. But I am not a lawyer ...

I'd love to start learning german, but only if I have the appropriate time to 
do so. However, it is not so much of fun to learn yet another legal system.

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