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Generating VST headers

Hi, again.

You may have heard about VST and its non-free headers. I'm using a free
program that optionally supports that technology and, of course, it'd be
nice to have that support in main.

I believe reverse engineering is legal, even a common practice (so I've
read in some messages in this list). But I don't think Steinberg
(copyright owner) would be very happy. They don't want to give away the API.

I should clarify that I'm not trying to make the whole technology
available, just the necessary bits to allow my program work. This
couldn't be used to move fst to main (perhaps, it could).

Oh, that reminds me. Free Ekanayaka, did you get explicit permission
from Torben Hohn? You know that Steinberg headers aren't like a Java
compiler, don't you? GPL still applies.
Oh no, it's depending on LASH. I'm afraid you didn't get it. I read
through their mail archives (fst archives), Paul Davis (co-author)
argued LASH dependency was enough reason to not grant exceptions nor
allow binary distributions.
By the way, my program doesn't use LASH so that reason doesn't apply.
Got no answer from them.

I'm sorry I had to bring this up. If it helps, dssi-vst does have GPL
exceptions to allow binary distribution.

Back to my subject, I already wrote a header to make the Linux parts
work. Of course, it crashes when connecting to VST: constants need the
correct values, class members the correct offsets...

I guess I can't ask a developer who can use the official headers to
substitute the constant names with numbers and fill classes with char
arrays. It would be so easier to get the header.

If I finish this file (in a far far future), could it be included in main?

Knowing that fst shouldn't be there, it wouldn't be much ethical to use
it to obtain additional information, would it?


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