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Re: Sorry, no more RC bugs for non-free data in main (was: Bug#385115: chromium-data: Unclear license for some files)

On 8/30/06, Roberto Gordo Saez <roberto.gordo@gmail.com> wrote:
I strongly disagree with your arguments. It looks that we have
opposite way of thinking, so I will not reply to them, it is going to
nowhere. Don't worry, as I said, I won't continue searching for this.

When conversations go nowhere, it's often because people are
not understanding what the other is saying.

In this case, I see one rather obvious issue (there may be others):

Steve Langasek has said, in essence

"When A says X, and we have no evidence to the contrary,
we believe A".

Your objection, in essence seems to be

"We should not believe X when we have no evidence that X
is true."

It seems to me that both of these statements are reasonable,
and that neither refutes the other.

This could turn into a "standards of evidence" discussion, but it
currently does not taste like that.


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