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Re: LGPL-library (tntdb) linked with GPL-library (mysql)

> If you are saying that LGPL:ed tntdb would be distributable as long as
> nobody uses it under the LGPL license, but only under the GPL license,
> then I think I do understand.
> But I think that the original poster wanted to allow usage of tntdb
> under the LGPL license (why else would he want to use that license)
> and IMHO that is not possible because it links with GPLed mysql.
> --
> Markus Laire

As Kari Pahula already clearified, libtntdb.so is not directly linked with 
mysql, but dlopens a library tntdb-mysql.so, which is linked with mysql. So 
it is up to the user to configure his application to link with mysql or 
something else.

If your interpretation holds true, and I cannot relicense (or it does not make 
sense) tntdb (the libtntdb.so-part to be precise), everything, which can be 
configured to link with mysql is GPLed. What about e.g. libodbc.so, which can 
load a mysql-driver? Or even libltdl, which is a wrapper around dlopen, which 
can dlopen mysql-client libraries?

As far as I understand it should be ok to relicense tntdb under the LGPL, 
which allowes users to distribute closed source applications linked with 
tntdb. It is not allowed to link with the mysql-driver, but because this 
never happens directly - only by dlopening tntdb-mysql, it does not affect 
the LGPL-license. Right?


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