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Re: Creative Commons 3.0 Public draft -- news and questions

frx@firenze.linux.it wrote:

>Well, it prohibits an entire class of derivative works: the ones that
>(accurately) credit the author of the original work!
>As I said elsewhere: I can release an annotate version of a CC-licensed
>novel, but I could be forbidden to accurately acknowledge the authorship
>of the novel I comment on!
>Don't you feel it's awkward?
No. I feel that it is very reasonable for the author of a work to be
able to request to not be credited if for some reason he does not want
to be associated with some derivative works.

>I think that forcing modifiers to hide the origin of the work is
I don't. I think that DFSG #3 was never intended to cover this kind of
clauses, and instead that this is a right which we should fully support.


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