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Please comment the license of vim manual and reference


I found this problem in vim's English manual when I tried[1] to package
the Chinese translation of vim documents. To know the problem, just
type ":help manual-copyright" in vim editor. It clearly states that the
Vim user manual and reference manual are using Open Publication License,
v1.0 or later which is considered[2] as DFSG-incompatible. They use
OPL because some parts of the manual are come from the book "Vi IMproved
- Vim" by Steve Oualline. The Open Publication License applies to this

In my point of view, the OPL license make the vim manual non-free. It
shouldn't be put in main as part of vim-runtime package.

I couldn't find any previous discussion about this issue on internet,
so could you please review the problem and give some comments and
suggestions on it? Thanks.

BTW, I found rubybook[3] use OPL too. The related bug[4] was tagged as
sarge-ignore. Nothing happened after sarge release. It looks like the
bug will have an etch-ignore tag soon.

[1] http://bugs.debian.org/303366
[2] http://lists.debian.org/debian-legal/2004/03/msg00226.html
[3] http://packages.debian.org/rubybook
[4] http://bugs.debian.org/266410

I will cc this mail to debian-devel list, becasue the vim package is
quite important and the issue is related with etch release.

debian-legal user, please cc me. thanks.

 Best Regards,


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