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Re: Software patents and Debian

Bas Wijnen wrote:

> It would be illegal for us
> to distribute it to anyone else.  We can of course claim that we don't know,
> and assume that the programmer knew what he was doing.  This is not unlikely
> (actually, it's even true for me).  This means we only have to stop
> distributing when the programmer does indeed get sued and loses the case.

It's not reasonable to claim that we don't know the mpeg-4 is patented.
It's well known.

> People do get sued for using the mpeg4 codec, IIUC.  So does that
> mean we would at least consider it non-free?  Or not distributable at all?

In some countries software patent isn't recognized. IMO, we shouldn't
put something in the non-free area, because it is illegal to distribute
it in some countries. I think we should put them in Non-US/Main.

But it seems that Debian ignore this issue. Maybe the Debian community
think it won't be sued since we don't make money of the distribution?

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