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Re: DFSG as Licence?

On 8/12/06, Weakish Jiang <weakish@gmail.com> wrote:

Michelle Konzack wrote:

> I was thinking to use the term:
> Licence: This software is under any Licence which complay
>          with the Debian Free Software Guidelines (DFSG).
> I am thinking, that this makes my standpoint more clear as telling
> users: "This software is under GPL vXX".  I fully aggree with the
> Debian philosophy and this is why I stay with it (even if it steals
> me sometimes th last nerv ;-) )
> What do you think about it?

This is essentially saying 'This is public domain. No rights
reserved.' because if anyone wants to just include your code in
proprietary software they could just choose to use it under a
DFSG-free license that says 'You can use it and modify it for

If you're going to do this then you might want to consider PDing or
the BSD license.

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