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Re: BCFG Public License

John Goerzen <jgoerzen@complete.org> asked:
> The BCFG public license (below) seems pretty much like a standard BSD
> + advertising clause license.  I can't quite seem to remember what the
> current policy on that sort of license is. 

Accepted but unpopular.

> Plus, it's got some other wording -- is it OK?

I'm not sure.

> Do any of you have any tips on what I might say
> to the author regarding dropping the advertising clause?

I'd look on www.fsf.org for their arguments against the BSD+ad.

> 4. All advertising materials, journal articles and documentation mentioning
>    features derived from or use of the Software must display the following
>    acknowledgment:

This is more than just the documentation and advertising of the Software.
It includes journal articles which mearly mention use of it - is that
contaminating unrelated software?

I agree with questioning needing to agree stuff about US laws.

I'm curious what rights are reserved by the US Government - this
licence looks like it's not complete without knowing that.

Hope that helps,
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