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Re: CircleMUD: licensing issues

qweo writes:

> Hello!
> Can connoisseurs of DFSG terms tell, is CircleMUD license (
> http://www.circlemud.org/license-faq.html ) DFSG-Free, and can i create
> package with it for main section of Debian archive?
> Best regards,qweo.
> P.S.: Please reply to me directly (my email is mr.qweo <at> gmail <dot>
> com), because i didn't subscribed to Debian lists...

No.  "You must not use CircleMUD to make money or be compensated in
any way." trivially violates DFSG #1 and #6.  The DikuMUD license has
a similar issue and a problematic notification clause ("you must send
us a message , by snail-mail or e-mail, and inform us where and when
you are running the game. (remember to include your address, name

Michael Poole

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