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Re: licence for Truecrypt

Schulman.Andrew@epamail.epa.gov writes:

> Truecrypt 4.2a has just been released, with a revised license:
> http://www.truecrypt.org/license.php.  Can someone please take a look at
> it and see if it looks more like a free license?  Thanks, Andrew.

My criticisms seem to be addressed adequately.  Others might have
issues with section III.1.a, as it appears to be the same as in the
earlier version of the license.

Unrelated to DFSG freeness, I wonder why section III.2 excuses
(re)distributors from the name-usage restrictions in III.1.f.  Does
that section mean an operating system that includes an unmodified copy
of TrueCrypt could claim to be endorsed by the TrueCrypt Foundation or
by the authors of TrueCrypt?

Michael Poole

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