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Re: licence for Truecrypt

dtufs writes:

> > That's true, but you don't get to stake the moral
> > high ground *after* replying at the same level.
> I wasn't at the same level. I just stated my opinion
> on how things work in the real world. In contrast, the
> other poster had directly insulted the person who
> wrote the license. I think there's a difference.

I made an assessment of the license's traits.  I have no idea who
wrote the license, and made no comment about that person's (or those
people's) actual knowledge.  To quote myself:

  "The license shows many signs of being written by someone with just
  enough knowledge to be legally dangerous."

Regardless of the actual subject of my quote, I do not think it is an
insult to remark that someone is not an expert in matters of law.
Even lawyers specialize, and a family law practitioner may not be
particularly well-versed in IP or contract law.

Michael Poole

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