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Wording of an LGPL copying permission statement

Hi Debian-Legal,

I'm currently updating some translations (.po files) for a Debian package, 
licensed under the LGPL. While doing this, I noticed that some files use 
the following line in the header as a copyright statement:

"This file is distributed under the same license as the $PACKAGE package."

I'm wondering if this is sufficient. The FSF says on their webpage that you 
need to add a copying permission statement (the three paragraphs starting 
with "This program is free software; [...]") to each file of the package. 
Although I searched the list archives and the FSF's FAQ about the GPL, I 
could not find an answer to this question.

Should I change those copyright statements to the recommended wording of the 
FSF, or is the single sentence ("... same license as ...") enough?

(Please keep me CC'ed.)


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