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Re: Hello and request for sponsor (DomainKeys packages)

"Magnus Holmgren" <holmgren@lysator.liu.se> wrote in message [🔎] 200606172024.20240@proffe.kibibyte.se">news:[🔎] 200606172024.20240@proffe.kibibyte.se...
Section 3.3 says "You must create Your own product or service names or
trademarks for Your Licensed Code and You agree not to use the term
"DomainKeys" in or as part of a name or trademark for Your Licensed Code.".
This may be a problem, considering the name of the package.

Section 3.5 is a you must obey the laws section.

Section 3.8 is choice of law and venue.

What about the statement on http://antispam.yahoo.com/domainkeys?

"Yahoo!'s DomainKeys Intellectual Property may be licensed under either of the
following terms:
* Yahoo! DomainKeys Patent License Agreement
* GNU General Public License version 2.0 (and no other version)."

Hmm.. the GPL does not deal directly with the patents, however,
That statement presumably means that they grant a patent licence for all programs under the GPL 2.

The sourceforge site only mentions the patent licence version 1-2. The software is published under the "Public Licence", which contains all of the terms of the patent licence, and additional terms dealing with the software.

So while the patents can be used by a GPL2'd program, the licence of software on source, the souceforge software is not GPL'd,
is definately not GPL2-compatible, and is most likely not DFSG-free.

Also, the links on http://domainkeys.sourceforge.net/ to "Other Libraries"
seem to indicate that it's OK to release DomainKeys libraries packages with
DomainKeys in their name.

That does not mean they do not violate the licence. At the very least they violate trademark law. They are using the trademark as a name for their product. They do not have a trademark licence allowing that. At the worst, programs they are violating the patent agreement (unless they are GPL2'd) which means they have even greater liablity, as they presumably do not recive the rights under the patent agreement while they are violating it.

The only non-messy situation I can see is software under the GPL2 not using DomainKeys in the name.

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