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George Danchev writes:

> Hello -legal,
> 	I'm currently packaging sofia-sip.org SIP User Agent library which is 
> licensed under LGPL [1]. There is also a large file populated with several 
> copyrights [2] related to the code as used and distributed by the some of the 
> library files. I did not spot any brutal non-DFSG issues, but since it is 
> large and complex I'd like to read some opinions from any sharp eyed 
> criticists. However I'm a little bit puzzled by the "Restricted Rights" as 
> mentioned within the paragraph pasted below [3] when it comes to GOVERNMENT 
> USE and DoD usages ? 

That kind of clause is generally used with proprietary COTS software
to make it clear that the government did not pay for the development
of the software and does not get "Unlimited rights" to it per

For example, when a project enters a new phase and a different
contractor wins the phase than who won the previous phase, the
government can give copies of "Unlimited rights" works to the new
contract winner.  This helps the government get a little more mileage
from its money and alleviates contractor "lock-in" for the life of a

I suspect the reason to include it in open source software is similar,
ensuring that copyleft licenses keep effect when the government passes
a copy of the covered software to another party.  You would probably
have to talk to the license writer's legal counsel to be 100% sure.

Michael Poole

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