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Re: Open CASCADE Technology Public License

Le jeudi 08 juin 2006 à 22:37 +0200, Aurelien Jarno a écrit :
> Public license
> In short, Open CASCADE Technology Public License is LGPL-like with 
> certain differences. You are permitted to use Open CASCADE Technology 
> within commercial environments and you are obliged to acknowledge its 
> use. You are also obliged to send your modifications of the original 
> source code (if you have made any) to the Initial Developer (i.e. Open 
> CASCADE S.A.S.). Complete text of the license is given below.

The summary says the modifications should be sent to the Initial
Developer (which isn't free), however nothing in the license itself says
that. I think a statement acknowledging that this summary isn't binding
would be a good thing to obtain.

>      * If you distribute or sublicense the Software (as modified by You 
> or on Your behalf as the case may be), You cause such Software to be 
> licensed as a whole, at no charge, to all third parties, under the terms 
> and conditions of the License, making in particular available to all 
> third parties the source code of the Software;

No right to sell. I think this isn't good.

> 7. Additional terms
> You may choose to offer, on a non-exclusive basis, and to charge a fee 
> for any warranty, support, maintenance, liability obligations or other 
> rights consistent with the scope of this License with respect to the 
> Software (the "Additional Terms") to the recipients of the Software. 
> However, You may do so only on Your own behalf and on Your sole and 
> exclusive responsibility. You must obtain the recipient's agreement that 
> any such Additional Terms are offered by You alone, and You hereby agree 
> to indemnify, defend and hold the Initial Developer and any Contributor 
> harmless for any liability incurred by or claims asserted against the 
> Initial Developer or any Contributors with respect to any such 
> Additional Terms.

The indemnification clause looks scary. However it is only here to
"retaliate" against false claims, so this is reasonable. I don't know
about corner cases, though.

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