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Re: Sun Java available from non-free

On Wednesday 07 June 2006 03:43, Ian Jackson wrote:
> Mike Bird writes ("Re: Sun Java available from non-free"):
> > Non-freeness is a red herring.  The issue is that a "small cabal" -
> > - a small cabal operating outside its field of expertise - has
> > placed Debian in the position of indemnifying Sun.
> This is obviously not possible.
> Debian is not a legal entity and can't indemnify anyone.

Debian is not a natural person, and Debian is not a
corporation, and Debian is not a partnership.  Debian
would have a hard time getting an unsecured bank loan.

This does not immunize Debian against being sued.

Debian can be sued as an "unincorporated association
other than a partnership".

Alternatively, Debian can be sued In Rem: "Fat Cats Inc versus
a software distribution called Debian".

Alternatively, Debian can be sued by serving some of Debian's
officers and/or DD's and/or mirror operators and/or SPI.  Look
for "Does 1 thru 10000" as additional defendents.

Stop guessing.  Consult a GOOD attorney.  And give the good
attorney a copy of this thread, because even good attorneys
have difficult picking up on all the nuances of a question
and this thread contains a lot of good ideas from a lot of
good people.

Or persuade Sun to issue a usable license rather than hiding
behind a legally meaningless FAQ.

--Mike Bird

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