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Re: Sun Java available from non-free

On Tuesday 06 June 2006 04:43, Anthony Towns wrote:
> Sun have made it very clear that they're trying to work with us on this
> for something that benefits our users, so that just leaves it to us
> to decide what's more important: taking a principled stand that we'll
> read every license literally and pedantically; or take advantage of
> other means by which we can be confident in distributing the software,
> and in so doing build a relationship with Sun that can be used later,
> and improve the experience of using Debian for people who need Sun Java?

Reading a proposed contract or license in any way other than
literally and pedantically is "dumb".  Some actions are so
dumb that no nicer adjective is correct.  Judges are like
compilers.  Modulo judge bugs (which can usually be fixed on
appeal) judges process legal source files literally and

Debian has gcj etc without Debian indemnifying Sun.  Users
can install Sun's Java without Debian indemnifying Sun.
Being able to install Sun's Java with apt-get after editing
sources.list is a minor step forward, which would be welcome
if there were no significant downside.

Why is "building a relationship with Sun" so important to
Debian that it's worth the risk to Debian of indemnifying
Sun, Sun's licensors, and all their successors in interest?

--Mike Bird

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