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Re: ipv6calc: IP address assignments as source code

I wish mailing lists had moderation like Slashdot. -1 Flamebait.

On 6/3/06, Marco d'Itri <md@linux.it> wrote:
ntyni@iki.fi wrote:

>1. The C header files containing the address assignments in the tarball
>   are not source code in the GPL sense, ie. 'the preferred form of the
>   work for making modifications'. This means that we're technically
>   violating the GPL distributing the ipv6calc package in its current form.
Get real, it's just data. Probably not even copyrightable.

>Unless somebody tells me I'm wrong somewhere, I'm about to file a
You are wrong just about everywhere. Looks like you have been reading
weirdos on debian-legal too long.


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