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Re: GPL violates DFSG point 3

On 6/1/06, Joe Smith <unknown_kev_cat@hotmail.com> wrote:

"Andrew Donnellan" <ajdlinux@gmail.com> wrote in message
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> On 6/1/06, Karl O. Pinc <kop@meme.com> wrote:
>> The GPL is not "completely unmodifiable", you just have limitations
>> on how you may modify it and still use it as a license.
> The FSF has given blanket permission to modify the GPL except for the
> preamble.
Or more exactly, You can modify the GPL, but if you do so you must not use
the Preamble (unless
FSF gives permission) and you may not name it in a way that would allow
somebody to confuseyour
modified licence for the GPL.

Can you omit the preamble and still use the license as the GPL
(including redistributing works that were already licensed under the
GPL, including referring to it as the GPL, etc)?

If so, debian has no legitimate reason for making the preamble an
exception to the DFSG as far as i can tell - it's non-free and should
not be included in any package in main, and
/usr/share/common-licenses/GPL should be the GPL without the preamble.

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