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To all, for who freedom is important!

To all, for who freedom is important!

You, who is sitting in front of your monitors! Everyone, who is reading these 
lines! You can just look through them or you can read each word thoroughly. 
It doesn’t matter in which language you are reading these words. Just read 
them. Think. Make up your mind for yourself only. Because that is what 
freedom is. Every day you do something that makes this world change. It is 
not the same it was yesterday and it is not the same it will be tomorrow. 
Noone knows how many people in the world believe in OpenSource. Something 
makes me think that our community is the largest and the most cooperative in 
the world! Why not unite? If we try, we can upend the world. People have 
always get out to the streets to show themselves, to tell their ideas, but it 
has never happened in the GLOBAL SCALE! Just imagine: the same day, the same 
hour, in every city of every country all people get out to the streets!

What do I suggest?

May, 27. Saturday. Midday. 12.00. Come to the place in your city where 
meetings usually take place. If you don’t know where to come, go to the 
administrative buildings where the government is. Just have a walk. You will 
probably meet some of your acquaintances or friends, and also those people 
you have never seen. All those for who OpenSource is not just a sound, will 
be there. Those, who managed to find 30 minutes of their free time to support 
others. To come together with the whole planet. When you will say hello to 
each other, smile and talk, know, that somewhere someone came to the same 
place in their city together with you. Let’s show the world, how many of us 
are there! The planet is big. The midday will come in different time in each 
place. At first it will happen in the East, then in the West. The time will 
come when somewhere people will come together. Even if I will be the only one 
to come in my city, I will know that somewhere there are people who will come 
together with me. We can show, how many of us are there. How many of those, 
who want to make the world a better place. Let’s do it! We will be together! 
The future depends on us!

Please translate this text to any language you know and send it to those who 
can join us!


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