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Re: Sun Java available from non-free

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Drew Parsons wrote:
> Trying to read Sun's words over again, it seems to me that what Sun is
> saying here is not that you can't distribute the other technologies,
> but that you can't distribute them to run *with* the Sun JDK. That's
> how I interpret the phrase "to run in conjunction with".

It says that you cannot combine, configure, or distribute certain
software in conjunction with the Sun JDK. I outlined in my email
previous to this one various ways in which a distribution might violate
this straightaway (meaning, without even doing anything different from
what the distribution already has been doing). You're right that the key
word seems to be ``conjunction'', but nothing says, for example, that
you are fine if the software in question is shipped in a separate package.

Currently, I don't know of any distribution that has tried to replace
Sun's rt.jar with GNU Classpath's rt.jar. In fact, you can't really do
this right now as the two are incompatible. But there are some things
that can be done right now. For example, ecj can be configured to
replace Sun's javac, and the Apache XML API's may be configured to
replace Sun's XML classes, or anything may be done via modification of
the bootclasspath. So, if the distribution is configured in various ways
(via alternatives, shell scripts, etc.) it may be violate this.

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David Walluck
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