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Re: Sun responds to questions on the DLJ

Tom Marble schrieb am Freitag, den 19. Mai 2006:

> All:
> Let me start by repeating the message that Simon and I gave
> to you at Debconf: there is every reason for us to be friends
> and working with you is very important for Sun.
> Please consider:
> - We consider the FAQ [2] to be an accurate representation of the intent of
>   this license [1] and do not consider it to be irrelevant.
It has no legal relevance so it has to be ignored. 

> - Ignoring the FAQ is not helpful as it answers many of their
>   questions (it's a FAQ, after all).
Its maybe not helpfull, but unfortunatly the only thing we have to consider
is the license. 

Let me cite your own faq: 
	Note: This FAQ is provided to help explain the Operating System
	Distributor License for Java; nothing in this FAQ is intended to amend
	the license, so please consult the license itself for the precise
	terms and conditions that actually apply.

The license has to be changed, thats all I want to say....


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