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Re: License of wget.texi: suggest removal of invariant sections

On Thu, 18 May 2006, Hrvoje Niksic wrote:
> If the point you're making is that someone might want to remove the
> GPL text from the manual, for example to make it shorter, I guess
> that's a valid concern.

Yes, that's the issue.

> Including the text of the GPL in Wget's manual serves the purpose of
> explaining Wget's copying terms to the user. As such, it seems
> pertinent regardless of whether Wget is actually distributed along
> with the manual.

To reiterate what you said above, our problem is that the GPL can't be
removed at all,[1] even when it's no longer applicable, not that it's
being included by wget.texi in the first place. [Whether the GPL is
pertinent or not is really up to each distributor of the package, but
it stops being necessary once the package no longer contains any GPLed

Sorry for the confusion there.

Don Armstrong

1: This is really the only practical change that making the GPL an
"Invariant Section" causes; it really should be called in this case an
"Unremovable Section".
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