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Re: MPEG-4 patent license issues - libfaad* and libx264* andother codecs.

> OTOH, it looks like these packages currently in Debian do have upstreams,
> against whom the patents have not been enforced, correct?  Do we know of
> *anyone* who's been C&D'ed specifically for distributing a *subset* of the
> code in these packages?  If not, it sounds like the lack of enforcement is
> pretty clear to me, do you disagree?

I can't find any instances of MPEG-4 patent enforcement against mplayer,
xine, vlc, or ffmpeg. The instance of patent enforcement against
FAAD/FAAC remains however, and this is the only Free implementation of
the AAC codec. Note that the AVC and AAC patent collections seem to be
under different licensing authorities.
With that caveat, I would agree with the lack of patent enforcement.


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