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Re: RFC: the new license for IBPP

On Thu, 30 Mar 2006 20:03:53 +0300 Damyan Ivanov wrote:

> Hi, Jacobo,
> Jacobo Tarrio wrote:
> >  It allows to modify the library if it is needed to make it work
> >  with other
> > piece of software ("for that purpose" == "to use the Software as
> > part of another work"), but that wording does not allow modifying it
> > to improve its performance, for example.
> Isn't it permitted to modify "the Software" for whatever reason as 
> long as it is distributed as a part of a another work? ("for that 
> purpose" isn't very clear IMO).
> Or, if the "other" software requires a super-fast IBPP, then we comply
> with the license, sicne the modification is made to make it work with 
> the "other work". Still unclear. :/

What if I want to modify the library itself and distribute the result by
Why have I to be annoyed by this "wrap it in some silly container work"

Better to adopt the actual Expat license
(http://www.jclark.com/xml/copying.txt), IMHO.

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