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Re: GFDL'ed documents with Front Cover text

steven.robbins@videotron.ca wrote:
>If so, I expect it will be more
>efficient if we can approach the FSF for a blanket license change.

No; from what we can tell, RMS is personally blocking even the simplest and 
most obvious license changes, and nobody with authority in the FSF will go up 
against him, although a very large number of GNU developers disagree with 

Get the individual developers to relicense/dual-license under the GPL.  Under 
the texts of all the FSF copyright assignment forms, they have the right to 
license their own work under licenses of their choice.  (I checked with Eben 
Moglen).  The sed developers agreed to do exactly this not long ago, though I 
don't believe it's actually been released yet.

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