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Re: Results for Debian's Position on the GFDL

On Mon, 27 Mar 2006, Raul Miller wrote:
> I find it hard to believe that this license has any relevance in the
> context of non-copyright issues (issues of use which have not been
> specifically enumerated by either copyright law or the license).

That's an open question, and necessarily jurisdiction dependent.
Considering the fact the GFDL isn't as restrictive as some licenses
which outlaw forms of use which have not been overturned, I don't
think it's a conservative position to claim that the GFDL doesn't
restrict that form of use.
> Freedom to make copies does not give you the right to invade someone
> else's home, office, or computer.

It's quite within the pervue of the copyright holder to require that a
condition of you having a work is to allow anyone who wants to to make
a copy of that work, and not place technological barriers to that
occuring. I'm not arguing that this requirement is reasonable,
desirable or even compatible with Free Software. Indeed, I'm asserting
quite the opposite.

What we're discussing here is what the clause in the GFDL says, not
what a Free Software license should be doing.

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