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Re: Package copyright problems

Henning Makholm wrote:

> Scripsit Jesse van den Kieboom <jesse@icecrew.nl>
>> My situation is as follows. The application itself is GPL licenced, but
>> some of the code has been taken from the lambdamoo server. The lambdamoo
>> source is copyrighted with the following copyright:
>>   Copyright (c) 1992, 1995, 1996 Xerox Corporation.  All rights
>> reserved.
> ...
>>  Any distribution of this software or derivative works must comply
>>  with all applicable United States export control laws.
> This is a non-free condition.

Looking at it again, I don't think it's a condition.  It's just a standalone
statement.  The actual license is:

"Use and copying of this software and preparation of derivative works
based upon this software are permitted."

That's the entire license.  There are no conditions.  The remaining items
are simply other statements, such as this claim about the nature of the

In fact, this means that the only thing which *must* legally be included is
the copyright notice and that statement.  The license does not require that
any particular text be included with the software, certainly not the export
control text.

Nathanael Nerode  <neroden@twcny.rr.com>

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