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Re: Results for Debian's Position on the GFDL

Code reuse is fundamental to Free Software.  I'd find disagreeing with
that to be akin to disagreeing that source availability or permission
to make changes to the work are fundamental--so far from my understanding
that I can't imagine how anyone could hold that view.

That said, my confidence in Debian's concept of "freedom" has taken a
dive just recently, and I'm much more inclined to agree that Debian
Developers may not consider code reuse important.  (But the same change
in my perception of the opinions of Debian applies to the other core
elements of Free Software.)

You cannot say that code reuse is an essetial DFSG-freedom since Debian authorize in its DFSG4 a clause (the patch clause) which almost exlicitely prohibit code reuse. I know that you do not want this clause but it is there and Debian must stay coherent. You cannot say that a difficulty to reuse code make a software non-free while there is a clause that entirely prohibit code reuse and is explicitely considered free.


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