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Re: Please comment on IBPP licensing

Francesco Poli wrote:
> Apart from clause 3.1 (which must be dropped anyway, if DFSG-freeness is
> sought), this license seems to try to grant a set of permissions not too
> different from the ones granted by the Expat a.k.a. MIT license
> (http://www.jclark.com/xml/copying.txt).
> If I were you, I would try to persuade upstream to adopt the Expat
> license, rather than this contorted and unclear license.
> Writing a new license is a difficult and long task and should be avoided
> unless strictly necessary. Adopting an existing, clear and well
> understood license (such as the Expat one) is almost always far better.

Thank you Francesco, Walter and Justin,

Unfortunatelly upstream seem to insist on their license and what's worse,
resist to changing it. Anyway, I'll try mu super-suggestive powers to make them
see the spoon melt :)

Thanks again,
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