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Re: Please comment on IBPP licensing

Damyan Ivanov <divanov@creditreform.bg> wrote:
> Hi,
> The following license is used for IBPP[1] - a library for working with
> Firebird/Interbase database servers.
> This library is included (at source level) in FlameRobin[2] - a
> graphical tool for working with Firebird/Interbase which I intent to
> package.
> Flaberobin's license is not yet clear, but is expected to follow IBPP.
> Either way, I need your comments about DFSG-compatibility of IBPP
> license. Note that this license is newly accomodated after leaving MPL
> (partly due to me arguing against MPL), so the intent is to make it free.
> License can be found at [3], attached here for reference.
> My humble opinion is that it is almost DFSG-free. The only problem
> section is 3.1 (requires changes to be sent to upstream).

Yep.  Also, section 2.1 is also needlessly limiting.  For example, it
prevents people from using the library by itself as an example in a

> There are some things that are implicit (defining copyrights f.ex.),
> which IMHO don't belong to the license, but do no harm either.


Walter Landry

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