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Re: Free documents using non-free fonts - can they be in main?

By the way is it that difficult to the package maintener to regenerate
the document using free fonts? (the script texi2dvi do that nearly
magically without having worrying about LaTeX rerun, makeindex, etc...)

For a texinfo file, it's of course easy.  For many LaTeX package
documentation files, often created from dtx files, it is *that*
difficult, as I already explained in this thread.

I do not know the package in question but I am however confused. texi2dvi is able to compile standard latex code which are not texinfo (it look at the extension to know if it is laTeX or texinfo); you can also use the -l LaTeX option. Could you tell what the document is so that other people on this list might try. Have you tried yourself? Have you be in touch with the author (explaining the problem)?


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