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Re: Adobe open source license -- is this licence free?

wlandry@ucsd.edu wrote:
> > 
> > 6.5 This Licence is governed by the law of Scotland and the parties
> > accept the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Scotland to
> > decide any action or claim directed against the Licensor.

> Doesn't this cause problems when the code is forked?  If someone in
> France forks the code, then they have to travel to Scotland to defend
> themselves against any frivolous lawsuits.  That allows the original
> licensors a bit more control over the code than might be desired.

It causes problems if and only if the license is a copyleft.

If it's not a copyleft:
* the Scotland-venue clause in the original license only applies to claims 
against the original licensor of the original software
* the French forker uses a license without that clause for his own 
modifications (perhaps with a French court clause).  Suits against him, as 
licensor of the modified version, go to his French court.

If it is a copyleft, it's troublesome, because the French forker can't use a 
different license.

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