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Re: Please review: The OFL (Open Font License)

On Sat, 28 Jan 2006 21:00:04 +0100 Nicolas Spalinger wrote:

> Users who install derivatives ("Modified Versions") on their systems
> should not see any of the original names ("Reserved Font Names") in
> their font menus, font properties dialogs, PostScript streams,
> documents that refer to a particular font name, etc. Again, this is to
> ensure that users are not confused and do not mistake a font for
> another and so expect features only another derivative or the Standard
> Version can actually offer. (from OFL FAQ entry 2.8).

Won't this forbid anyone (but the original copyright holder) to fix bugs
or misfeatures in the font?

If I cannot distribute an improved version of the font that still
identifies itself as the original version in the font menus and so
forth, the only way to have a bug in the font fixed (without modifying
all the documents that already refer to that particular font name) is
persuading the original copyright holder (of the font) to fix it.

What if the original copyright holder is dead, or out of business, or
uninterested, or unrespondant, or ... ?

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