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Re: Anti-DMCA clause (was Re: GPL v3 Draft

On 1/23/06, Walter Landry <walter@geodynamics.org> wrote:
> A legitimate privacy device may function very much like DRM.  Consider
> classified environments, where you really don't want people to copy
> things around willy-nilly.  Making it hard to copy information won't
> eliminate leaks, but it will reduce them.  I don't see why making a
> system to handle classified documents should be disallowed by the GPL.


"Because I don't believe that it's really desirable to have security on
a computer, I shouldn't be willing to help uphold the security regime."

I like also this:

"So the result is that we had a smoothly functioning anarchy, and after
my experience there, I'm convinced that that is the best way for people
to live.

Unfortunately the AI lab in that form was destroyed."



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