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Re: bitstream font license

Måns Rullgård wrote:
olive <olive.lin@versateladsl.be> writes:

The lisence for the bitsream (package ttf-bitstream-* in main) font
state among other:

The Font Software may be sold as part of a larger software package but
 no copy of one or more of the Font Software typefaces may be sold by
(see the full license at

Does the fact that the fonts cannot be sold separatly is compatible
with the DFSG?

In spirit, no.  However, it is easy to work around that restriction.
Simply sell the fonts as part of the Hello World package.

Well, of course I admit that it is not a serious violation of the DFSG. I am not sure we can escape the license so easily. Some juges might take the spirit of the license into consideration and consider that doing this neverheless violates the license since the aim was only to provide the fonts (of course this might depend of the country and the juge; but I know that in some European country it is common to take the spirit of the contract into consideration rather that the technical terms themselves).


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