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Moglen freed blobs (free as in exempted from free as in freedom)

And that's in spite of them being nothing but object code "which the
GPL code is intended to require, not merely optionally incorporate--is
part of the source code of the work under the GPL and must be released."

Riots arose all over the GNU Republic. The Coalition Death To Unfree
Blobs called for emergency meeting of the GNU Congress to free (as in
impeachment) Eben from vice presidency. The !GNU Movement in
Underground also promised to free Eben (as in "I let him go" by
Schwarzenegger) for stealing the idea from their yall (yet another
license loophole) that shows how to place the !GPL'd code
in a separate thread to be executed on a separate core or a processor.
In recognition of that grandiose theft event, the !GNU Movement in
Underground renamed yall into

The President Stallman refused to make any comments except a short
statement "The GNU GPL is /my/ literary work, not Eben's".


On 1/21/06, Marco d'Itri <md@linux.it> wrote:
> http://news.zdnet.com/2100-9595_22-6028746-2.html?tag=st.next
> Moglen:
> I would distinguish the blobs from the proprietary drivers in the
> kernel. If the kernel's terms were unambiguously GPL, which they are
> apparently not, (proprietary drivers) would be forbidden. The
> blobs--though they are ethically objectionable to the Free Software
> Foundation, which believes that users ought to know what's running--are
> different because they are separate works when executed running in
> separate computers. From the point of view of the GPL work called the
> Linux kernel, they're just data.
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> ciao,
> Marco
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