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Re: Clause 7d (was Re: Ironies abound (was Re: GPL v3 draft)

Nathanael Nerode wrote:
> "7d. They may require that propagation of a covered work which causes it to 
> have users other than You, must enable all users of the work to make and 
> receive copies of the work."

This sounds a lot better. I would suggest using "work based on the
Program" to re-use that definition as well. Also, how about just
"to receive copies" and add "under the terms of this License".

Or maybe refer to the article that allows you to make copies.
Then you nicely catch all the other requirements that you have to
fulfil (storage medium, written offer, etc). 

And this just occurs to me: do I need to have a world-readable
/usr/src if I let people log into my system and use a tool that
is GPLv3 with 7d enabled? 


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