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Re: "object code" in the GPL and printed copies

Alexander Terekhov wrote:
Object code is a well established term. GNUspeak is irrelevant.

The Copyright Act defines a computer program as"a set of
statements or instructions to be used directly or indirectly in
a computer in order to bring about a certain result. " 17 U.S.C.
§ 101.

The copyright act is WRONG.

A computer program can NEVER be "a SET of statements or instructions...", a computer program has to understood as "a SEQUENCE of statements or instructions...".

A set is not a sequence, the difference between these two concpets is irreconciliable except in trivial cases (empty or unary) which do not apply.

Bad laws can not change the nature of the symbolic realm, where computer programs exist. For one thing, GNUspeakers know that realm better than self-aggandizing, sophist lawmakers and lawyers.

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