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Re: Death of a copyright holders (was: [debian-vote] Amendment: invariant-less in main (Re: GR Proposal: GFDL statement)

On 1/13/06, martin f krafft <madduck@debian.org> wrote:
> I am curious: what happens to his/her copyrights when a person dies,
> specifically wrt licence choice. Do people just assume that the
> deceased didn't ever want to change the licence?

The copyright vests in the legal representatives for the remaining
duration of the copyright.

Licenses applied by the creator to copies which are already issued are
not affected.

The Legal representaives are, of course, like any other copyright
holder, free to re-license the work. This will apply only to the
copies distributed from that point onwards. In otherwords,
re-licensing is not retrospective.

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