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Would you consider dual-licensing the sed docs?

Hello again Paulo -- and hi Ken.

For the sed docs to be considered free enough for Debian main, it would be 
best if they were dual-licensed under the GPL as well as the GFDL (since the 
GFDL is problematic).

This can be done in one of two ways:
(1) getting the FSF to agree to it
(Getting the FSF to agree to any such changes has proven difficult for what I 
can only describe as political reasons.)
(2) getting all the copyright-worthy contributors to agree to it

I checked with the FSF a while back, and under the copyright assignments we 
fill out for the FSF, we retain the right to dual-license our contributions 
under the GPL.

It appears that the only contributors of significant amounts to the manual are 
you two (Paolo Bonzini and Ken Pizzini).

So, if you two are both willing to dual-license the manual under the GPL, 
please say so!  It would be ideal if dual-licensing statements went in the 
upstream package, but we could also just put your statements in the debian 

GFDL-only docs are being removed from Debian "main" for the next release, 
until we can work out the little "bugs" in the license with the FSF (which is 
taking much longer than it should), and it would be nice if we could keep the 
sed docs in Debian main.

  Nathanael Nerode

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