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Re: DFSG compilance of display-dhammapada

Jakub Nadolny <jakub.nadolny@ite.pl>
> I've contacted translator and he agreed that the text could be
> distributed under above Creative Commons public domain dedication text.
> What is the next step I should do in this case?

Who added that "publishers ask only" licence?

If it's the translator, then you're ready to go: add the message(s)
containing their agreement to your copyright file and tag the bug
fixed. When the next upstream release comes out, check to see
whether the description has changed and, if so, close the bug and
replace the agreement message(s) with the text they used.

If it was the original licensor, you also need their permission,
not just the translator. Myself, I accidentally failed to release
work into the public domain in the past. I would have welcomed a
wake-up call. Maybe this licensor will too?

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