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Re: DFSG compilance of display-dhammapada

Jakub Nadolny <jakub.nadolny@ite.pl> wrote:

> > I don't know what the last phrase is meant to mean "publishers ask
> > only for information about it".
> It means that if you copy or cite this publication, they ask you to send
> them information about it.
> I think that could be the problem, isn't it?

If they *ask* for you to send them information about it, that's
perfectly fine.

If they *require* you to send them information about it, yes, that would
be a problem. It depends on how you interpret "ask."

> > It would be good to contact the publisher, to ask for clarification.
> > If it turns out that the license (or lack thereof) lacks freedoms
> > required for inclusion into Debian, then you might discuss an
> > alternate license with them (hopefully something which is already
> > translated into English!).
> Ok, I'll contact them. What would you suggest - GFDL? Creative Commons?

Neither the GFDL nor any existing Creative Commons license is

Since the text says it is not copyrighted, and the only problem is that
this statement disclaiming copyright is unclear, you might suggest the
Creative Commons public domain dedication text:


(Despite the URL, public domain status is, of course, not a license.)


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