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Debtags facet for classification non-free packages

A couple of days before, I proposed debtags facet for categorization of
non-free, some contrib and maybe some non-debian packages.

The purpose is that the user can choose which packages in non-free and contrib 
are acceptable for him/her, and to give some info, why the software if not 
dfsg-free. For example, for many people packages under GFDL (in non-free) are 
free enough, and the contents (what is really installed, even it is not in 
the package itself) of flashplugin-nonfree or msttcorefonts (only in contrib) 

My original proposal of tags with descriptions, and example of classifying 
some packages:

I proposed these tags:

Tag: restriction::nonfree-use
Tag: restriction::no-distribution (only for non-debian packages)
Tag: restriction::nonfree-distribution
Tag: restriction::no-source
Tag: restriction::nonfree-source
Tag: restriction::nonfree-modifications
Tag: restriction::nonfree-depend  (only for free otherwise packages)
Tag: restriction::nonfree-compile  (only for free otherwise packages)

where first six would be used, if the software is not dfsg free in that 
particular thing, the last two would be mostly for contrib packages.
Maybe, the nonfree-source and nonfree-modifications could be merged
and nonfree-depend removed (can be found through dependencies).

Enrice Zini suggested more elegant system on:

Facet: restricted
Tag: restricted::bin:use
Tag: restricted::bin:dist
Tag: restricted::bin:change (included for simmetry, maybe meaningless)
Tag: restricted::src:use (or study)
Tag: restricted::src:dist
Tag: restricted::src:change
Tag: restricted::deps:run
Tag: restricted::deps:build

We will be glad if you tell your comments to help us make it in the most 
useful way.


PS: I'm not on th -legal list, so please cc me (or do reply-to-all).

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